Snoop Dogg has been threatened with the fade from one of the members of the Island Boys due to comments Snoop made about the duo a couple years back, and the rap legend has responded online.

Island Boys Member Threatens Snoop Dogg

On Wednesday (June 7), Snoop Dogg shared a clip on his Instagram page (below) of Island Boys rapper Flyysoulja talking real greasy about the Doggystyle MC.

"Listen, if Snoop Dogg were to say that to me in real life, on sight, I would fade," the Island Boys rhymer says in the video. "I would beat his a*s. On everything. I swear to God on my life I would. I swear to God, if I ever see him it’s on sight."

The spliced together post also includes a clip of someone throwing wild punches next to a pool. The post closes with a video of Snoop Dogg yelling, "Shut the f**k up, b**ch," into a phone before slamming the receiver.

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Snoop Dogg Responds to Threats

Snoop Dogg reacted to the threats in the caption of the post.

"I don't want no [smoke] cuz," Snoop captioned the clip along with multiple crying laughing emojis and a boxing glove emoji.

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Where Did the Beef Start?

Flyysoulja's video appears to be in response to Snoop Dogg clowning the duo when a video of them rapping in a pool was featured on Peacock's 21 and Done special hosted by Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart in December of 2021.

"I’m speechless," Snoop commented on the viral snippet. "Two goofballs in the pool."

This isn't the first time the Island Boys have had beef with another rapper. Last December, the duo sparked beef with Blueface.

See Snoop Dogg's Post Responding to Being Threatened by Island Boys Rapper Flyysoulja Below

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