Soulja Boy is setting the record straight about what happened to the handheld video game consoles he was selling after a Twitter user accused him of being a scammer.

On Feb. 5, Twitter user DeontaeBiggs expressed his frustration over the fact that he has yet to receive the Soulja Boy-backed TRDR Pocket video game console he purchased.

"It’s February 5th, 2023 & @souljaboy is STILL A SCAMMER," Biggs vented on Twitter. "Where is my TRDR pocket I was supposed to receive a year ago when I ordered it??? You have no morals by trying to steal from fans who support you. God Knows."

Soulja Boy got wind of the post and explained the long delay, also revealing those who initially purchased will get an upgraded console that they will be receiving shortly.

"The microchip shortage in China restricted it," Soulja Boy revealed. "But we will ship them all new ones that are upgraded and double the price they paid for free. New ones are 400$ with A.I. old ones were 200$ they ship this Friday. Sorry for the delay my brother."

In a follow-up post, Soulja added, "Just so you know I’m serious. You’re in Fort Wayne Indiana. I appreciate your support man let me know when they arrive after Fridays shipment."

Soulja Boy initially launched a line of video game consoles, SouljaGame Console and SouljaGame Handheld, in 2018. That December, he addressed rumors Nintendo planned on suing him over the consoles and claimed his line was legit. Just a few days later, he pulled the line amid reported threats from the video game giant. In May of 2021, SB made another attempt at breaking into the video game world by partnering with Go Games' TRDR Pocket, an Android-based retro handheld. The initial release received mixed reviews, with Soulja even calling out a YouTuber who gave the TRDR Pocket a bad review.

In August of 2021, Soulja Boy said he was selling his company to Atari for $140 million and later claimed he owned Atari, which Atari denied.

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