Fans tend to underestimate the art of performing. When an artist hits the stage, they always remain calm and collected despite having a bevy of distractions thrown their way. J.Cole literally experienced that firsthand after someone threw a cell phone at his face during a show in San Diego.

During his performance of "Power Trip," Cole's face served as the bullseye for an obnoxious fan who was hoping to rile him up. Rather than pull a Trey Songz and dive off of the stage to annihilate the pariah, the rapper smiled, picked up the phone and placed it in his pocket. Cole didn't even bother to stop the record or address the situation; he just kept performing and earned himself a new phone.

If there's anything to learn from the situation, audacious acts like this will either cause you to lose a phone or make you look utterly ridiculous.

As for J. Cole's musical endeavors, he's currently embarking on Act 3 of his Forest Hills Drive Tour, the Hollywood edition. His next show takes place July 21 in Albuquerque, N.M. Big Sean, YG, Jeremih and his Dreamville artists Bas, Cozz and Omen will also join him onstage.

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