The Internet pretty much exploded when it was revealed that Ben Affleck was the new Batman in 'Batman Vs. Superman.' Now imagine that times about 53 million, because Justin Bieber may be in talks to play Robin.

Biebs sparked the rumors when he posted the above photo on Instagram, in which he's holding a 'Batman Vs. Superman' script with his name emblazoned across the front.

It's unclear why exactly Bieber got a script for the highly anticipated (and highly dreaded, per some accounts) film. The fact that it's personalized may suggest that he's in talks for the role, which he hashtagged in his caption, and the fact that he made the photo public implies that he wants his beloved Beliebers to clamor for him to get the part.

However, it's also possible that Biebs, a notorious prankster, is just trolling the world -- and it's quite possible that he snagged a copy of the script just because he's Justin Bieber. (Deadline thinks the photo looks photoshopped, but it could just be the Instagram filter that Bieber employed when he posted the pic.)

What's more, Bieber and his pals Lil Za and Lil Twist were spotted hitting up the Funny or Die studios yesterday (the same day this was posted) -- so something tells us he's pulling all of our legs.

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