It has been 12 days since the world was graced with the presence of North West.  Kim and Kanye had their little bundle of joy about two weeks ago and it seems that Kim has stepped up as the parent that is doing all the dirty work.  I have a little 10 month old girl so I am pretty familiar with the trials and tribulations that is having a newborn baby at home.  Breast feeding isn't an easy thing, especially in the beginning and from reports Kim is handling it like a pro.  The surprising news for me is that Kanye feels like he is too much of a genius artist to change dirty diapers.

I guess if you are as rich as those two are you probably have two or three Nannys to take care of your child and take care of that for you... But changing diapers only gets harder the older the kid gets.  It's good in my opinion to get the basics down early, because at some point you are going to be all alone with you kid and have to handle business.

Regardless...  I found a hilarious diaper prank that I wanted to share.

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