Kanye West fans are hungry for more Yeezy, and last night (Aug. 14) they took to Twitter to petition the NFL for a performance from the Chicago rapper with the hashtag #KanyeWestForSuperBowl51. TearmKanyeDaily started the hashtag, asking people to tweet it with a video or photo of Yeezy performing, and people quickly caught on. You can see some examples below.

Known for his elaborate stage design and exhilarating performances, Kanye West seems like the perfect musical guest for the biggest sports event of the year. Then again, the man has the potential to say just about anything when you give him a mic, and with millions of people tuning in, the commissioner Roger Goodell might be more than a little nervous about letting such a bold guy like 'Ye take the stage.

Some people pointed to Kanye's previous tours for reference points about how ill his Super Bowl performance could be, while others just admitted they wanted to see old white people get uncomfortable. Either way, we hope the NFL hears the rally cries of the people, because it would without a doubt be one of the most exciting performances the event has seen in years.

Over the weekend, Kanye's boy Travis Scott played a remix of Desiigner's "Timmy Turner" that featured Yeezy. Earlier that day on his .WAV Radio show, Travis played a new remix of Alicia Keys' "In Common" featuring Travis and Yeezy as well.

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