Killeen, Texas has experienced their fourth homicide of the year earlier this week after the Killeen Police Department received a call from a man saying he had shot a man at his home on Taree Loop. According to the Killeen PD, officers were sent to the 6300 block of Taree Loop just after 1:30 PM yesterday following a 9-1-1 call from who is believed to be the killer of 26 year old Jarquis D. Pold.

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Pold was found unresponsive from multiple gunshot wounds inside his home, and was later pronounced dead by the Justice of the Peace just after 3 PM. When police arrived, no one else was present in the home, and the alleged shooter was at large for a brief time.

Within about 30 minutes of Pold was being found in his home, Copperas Cove Police were conducting a traffic stop on a man in Lampasas County, that is now believed to be the shooter, 26 year old De’Tavius K. Smith.

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Two Killeen, Texas Men Now Dead After Murder Suicide


During the time Smith was being detained in the traffic stop, authorities in Lampasas County say he took his own life at 2:06 PM, and never physically interacted with police while remaining in his own vehicle.

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The investigation will continue until all information can be verified, but what looks like a fight between friends has ended with both dead in their mid twenties from an apparent murder-suicide.

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