This has to be the saddest we have seen the Season 4 cast of ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York.' For part two of the series’ reunion show, Amina declares that she no longer wants to be with Peter Gunz. “I was in a dark space. I needed an outlet,” Peter said on starting the relationship with Amina. She knew there were other women in the picture, but Amina admits she thought she was special because he married her. “I’m too old to be acting like this,” Peter continues.

To add insult to injury, Amina pulls out a pregnancy test from her bra, revealing that she now has a little one coming. “Unlike your baby mother I did not take the Plan B,” Amina says. Peter Gunz then walks off the stage. Tara expresses that she feels bad that Peter couldn’t even hug Amina after she said she was pregnant.  When Peter comes back onstage, he decides to apologize to Tara -- Amina is forced to leave the stage. He puts his shades on to hide his tearing eyes, but it’s clear all of his actions have come full circle.

Meanwhile, Rashidah says she doesn’t think that Tahiry feels she is beautiful and that is why she shows her “ass” on Instagram. Tahiry rebuts, saying she is proud of her work and doesn’t appreciate Rashidah’s approach. Joe Budden, who is sitting in the audience, begins to chime in as Rashidah threatens Tahiry. “I’m not Consequence, I will end you,” Rashidah tells Budden. But it turns out Rashidah is all talk and no action as no one even gets out of their seat.

As for Erica Jean and Saigon, their relationship is on the rocks again. They explain that the decision to have a baby was premeditated and they both agreed to it before welcoming their son into the world. But now they have their regrets as they can’t even get along. Saigon said it started when Erica didn’t allow him to see the birth of their son. But she says all she wants is some respect, as he calls her names and doesn’t listen to her speak. “You got to earn respect,” he yells at her. They no longer live together.

Yandy and Rich Dollaz also speak about their struggling business partnership. Yandy explains that she wants Rich Dollaz to pick up the slack because of all the relationship drama that he has going on in his life. “The messiness is part of who I am,” Dollaz tells the audience.

Later, Erica Mena comes back to sit near Rich. She admits that she is good with working with him business-wise, but everything else is messed up. Her girlfriend Cyn adds that she’ll continue to support Erica’s decision to work with Rich, but doesn’t want to be put in the corner anymore. “I’m greedy too,” she proclaims.

Host Mo'Nique asks Erica Mena one final question: “Are you still in love with Rich Dollaz?” The audience says yes. But Erica says no. Noticeably absent from the reunion was K. Michelle. There was no word on her updates.

Now that the curtains are drawn and the lights are off, we only hope that these cast members keep their peace.

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