Miguel, donning head-to-toe all black everything, appeared solo dolo on the 2014 Grammy Awards red carpet and opened up about writing Beyonce's song 'Rocket,' from her latest self-titled album.

The sultry singer, who is nominated for two Grammys this year, spoke on the ground rules King Bey set as they walked into the studio together. “She said don’t feel like I won’t say something," he explains. "I want this to say something honest and human. I feel very confident and open at this moment."

When they got in the studio, Miguel said Beyonce had recently had her daughter, Blue Ivy and she he fed off her limitless spirit and vibe at the moment. "I just wanted to write something that we haven’t heard from Beyonce," he continues.

The crooner is nominated for Best R&B Performance for 'How Many Drinks?' and for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration' for his work on J. Cole's 'Power Trip.'

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