Now that we know Miley Cyrus' new record is named the (rather ridiculous) 'BANGERZ' and we've heard its first single 'We Can't Stop,' the only real question that remains is what else is on the album. Or, should we say, who else. Because there are apparently collaborations galore.

"I have a lot of features on my record," Miley told MTV (quotes via Ace Showbiz). "Big Sean and Ludacris and, of course, [Pharrell Williams] has done a bunch of my records, so I'm really excited about that."

She also name-dropped rapper Future, saying the two of them "wrote a bunch of songs on this record together, and he's featured on one of them." Nicki Minaj is also expected to lend her talents to 'BANGERZ' in some shape or form.

Miley's probably hoping all these heavyweights will help give her the hip-hop street cred she clearly so desperately wants, but album producer Pharrell insists all is not as it seems.

"It's just gonna sound like her and her influences, but it's not that hip-hop heavy," he said. "That's not what she does, that's not where she comes from. It's a part of what she loves, which is a very big difference."

Now if he could just convince her of that.

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