Every once in a while there will be a reliable tip that is received in a very cold case, or some sort of enough evidence gets accumulated that helps to finally bring charges against someone for an act that happened long ago, like a murder in Killeen, Texas nearly ten years ago in 2014.

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New Murder Charges In 2014 Death Of Killeen, Texas Man

In April of 2014, Sung Jin Farris was shot in the chest in Killeen and rushed to Darnall Army Medical Center, where he later succumbed to the gunshot wound and died. The case has always been a homicide investigation, but until late last year, nobody had ever been arrested.

Now, two people have not only been arrested, but the Bell County Grand Jury has handed out indictments on both men for the death of Farris. Both individuals are being held on one half and one million dollars bond.

Who has been charged for the 2014 murder of Sung Jun Farris?

According to this article with Fox 44 News, the suspects now identified as Zykeshalla Tyree Murphy and Johnathan Shaw Allen Holmes were both arrested in December of 2023 without incident. Holmes was located in Belton, and Murphy was arrested and extradited from Ohio.

Police actually had Holmes in custody immediately following the shooting of Farris, but he was not held in connection with the shooting. The case is now moving forward, and will likely extend past the 10 year anniversary of Farris's death on April 20th.

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