Last Sunday (Oct. 2), Kanye West halted his performance at The Meadows Festival in New York because he received alarming news regarding his wife Kim Kardashian. It was reported that Kim was robbed at her Paris hotel after five men pretending to be cops ambushed the reality star.

According to TMZ, Kim had a friend stay over at the Hôtel de Pourtalè with her named "Simone." While the robbery was taking place, Simone overheard Kim's loud cries while she was sleeping downstairs. She quickly scurried into the bathroom and tried to contact Kim's bodyguard Pascal, but to no avail. Interestingly enough, Pascal was nowhere near the scene, which makes Kim's robbery a very perplexing one to comprehend.

Earlier that day, Kim posted a picture on Twitter of her and Pascal together. So for him to just magically be out of sight, is quite weird. The robbers involved stole an estimate of $11 million in jewelry, including Kim's wedding ring.

While performing "Heartless" at The Meadows festival that same evening, Kanye received news that Kim had been held at gun-point, thus him ending the show due to a "family emergency." In hopes of being closer to his family after the horrific event, Kanye pushed back some of his shows from his Pablo Tour including his Philly stop on Oct. 4 and his Detroit gig on Oct. 6. Both shows will be slated for Dec. 13 and Dec. 22 respectively.

Kim has yet to comment on the incident. We'll keep you informed when she does elect to speak out.


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