Back in September of 2015, Nicki Minaj fans were excited to hear she was developing a pilot for a show based on her life growing up — but now it looks like we won't see that series for a long time, if ever.

While the pilot for Freeform was reportedly shot in Nicki's hometown of Queens back in winter 2016 (when the channel was just rebranding from its former incarnation as ABC Family), a new Hollywood Reporter story on the state of ABC's millennials and teens-targeting network claims it's back to the drawing board for the show currently known as Nicki. 

THR writes that network president Tom Ascheim "went straight-to-series in September 2015 on Nicki Minaj's semi-autobiographical comedy Nicki, which after shooting a pilot in January, is being redeveloped (and is no longer a series order)." That means there's no word on if they're planning to reshoot the pilot, make larger changes or even keep developing the show in hopes of a series. Further complicating matters is the fact that much of the cast are quickly-growing adolescents, including actress Ariana Neal, who was cast as young Nicki.

Only the show's pilot is listed on IMDB, and Kapital Entertainment remains listed as the production company. Nicki is absent from Freeform's current roster of shows on both their public and media-facing websites.

Here's hoping we do get to see Neal in Nicki, which would be based on the story of Minaj (born Onika Maraj) and her family's immigration from Trinidad to Queens, New York.

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