Because of the increasing number of mass shootings in the U.S., two more companies are pledging to ask their customers not to carry guns in their stores.

KATV-TV reports that CVS and Walgreens are now added to the list of companies.

CVS Acquires Aetna For $69 Billion In Major Health Industry Deal
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Walgreens To Close About 200 Stores Across U.S.
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Earlier this week, Walmart announced they are going to stop selling short barrel rifle ammunition, discontinue handgun ammunition and also end the sales of handguns in their stores in Alaska.

Walgreens, in my opinion, gave a very brief and simple announcement with only a sentence asking customers not to bring their guns in their store, but ok! CVS announced on twitter their wishes as well:

Look for more companies to follow suit in an effort to ensure customers are safe. On the flip side, the NRA also released their thoughts on Walmart's decision.

Trust that this is not over.

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