Meet the hosts!

MC PATNA, 1/2 of Patna N Him, hails from Monroe, Louisiana, but eventually relocated to Killeen, Texas, where he met Dj HimShawty.

Patna has been the host of numerous concerts from Migos to Young Jeezy, and is now looking to not only be part of the driving force for change in our city night life, but also our community.


Patna - @everyonespatna on all social media

DJ HIMSHAWTY- Hard work pays off - a phrase that describes Dj HimShawty to the fullest. Dj HimShawty has been spinning since 2011. Originally from Killeen, his goal was to change the whole club scene in the area, and he has done just that!

Known for breaking new artists and playing underground music, he has made his mark and solidified his name as The Killeen Club Scene Savior. In 2013, he was recognized as Killeen’s DJ of the year.

Check out Patna N Him Radio Saturdays at Midnight on B106!







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