An eery story out of Houston as Erik Arceneaux has been charged with killing his girlfriend and dismembering her with a chainsaw.

KTRK-TV reports that Maria Jimenez Rodriguez went missing last summer after she dropped her daughter off with the babysitter

Reportedly she never arrived at work. Co-workers then started receiving text messages from her phone stating that she would be late, The legitimacy of the text messages was questioned by co-workers saying it was unusual and out of her character.
When questioned by the police Arceneaux told them he hadn’t seen her, but cell phone data show that their phones were at the same location.

He also fits the description of a guy who purchased trash bags and a chainsaw at a local Home Depot, his signature was also on the receipt.

Police say blood was also detected on the ceilings of his home and are now looking for him.

Houston police do not believe Rodriguez is still alive and her body has not been found.

The question is, being that the body hasn't been found can he be convicted?

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