I've been discussing this for a few weeks on the air, so it's time to bring it to life!

Being from another city, I know how it is being single in CTX.

Maybe you are/were like me, from a different city and didn't know too many people in this area.

It's not like you have a friend that can just introduce you to other people because you don't have any friends, so you are basically on your own.

Maybe you've tried everything like dating apps, going out to a bar or restaurant or club, or even a public event to try to meet bae, and still...no luck.


In my personal experience here in Fort Hood I've met three types of single people:


-Recently divorced, widowed from their husband dying in combat or broken up from a long term relationship and ready to umm... "get back out here"

- Actively dating but haven't found that special someone

-Just want to have hot steamy relations with you, and hang out from time to time nothing serious


Whichever one of these you are (or you are in a totally different situation) I got something for you!


This is something I did on my show in Chicago, and I will now bring it to Central Texas,

Starting this week on my show I will feature single people.

I will interview you, ask why you are single, what you do for a living, what you are looking for in a mate, etc and then have people call in and try to get your number.

It's totally safe, and so you can prevent people from recognizing you, you can even have an alias or be called anonymous.

All you have to do is fill out the form below and I will contact you!

Good Luck on Finding Bae!


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