File under "d'oh!"

Bryan Police mugshot
Bryan Police mugshot

This is the world we live in: a twenty-year-old college co-ed at A&M wanted to take a nude selfie while she was driving.

While I appreciate the young lady's intentions and chutzpah, especially since she takes a fine photo if her official mugshot is to be believed, one would hope she would have had this planned out. Sadly, she did not.

Oh sure, "I feel like getting naked and taking a photo of myself" is the kind of thought that usually happens at the spur of the moment.

A nude Miranda Kay Rader, 20, was arrested when she slammed into a Bryan Police Car. Thankfully, the officer to whom the car was assigned happened to be nearby but nowhere in the way of Miss Rader's SUV, which according to the report from our news partner KWTX Channel 10 also had an empty bottle of wine in it. Double d'oh!

Folks, love will make you do crazy things but whatever it compels you to do, make sure it's not behind the wheel of a moving vehicle especially while wearing your birthday suit.

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