CC Cruz

Wild n Out With My Fam
Yeah, last weekend the old man hung out all weekend with my fam. Lil Hood, Grip or Die Fam, Sparkdawg, Sparkalot Fam and so many other friends.
CC Reviews Apes
I have always enjoyed the movies from the Planet of The Apes series all the way back to the very first one with Charlton Heston. The sequel to "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes" is "Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes" which picks up a few years later where mankind is barely surviving. …
Lil Hood & CC Cruz Choppin It Up On B106 [EXCLUSIVE]
Lil Hood GripBoyz came into the station last Saturday and we just chopped it up about how he came up and what he wants to accomplish with his music, his family, friends and fans. His new mix tape comes out on August 22nd, with a mix tape release party at Club Rain...
CC Cruz Who Bit By Request
Here's the original "CC Cruz Who" bit that has lasted the test of time. Listeners tell me that this bit makes them laugh every time they hear it. I retired the bit but by popular demand. It's BAAACKKKK! It has a Life of it's own. Thanks for the Love...
Pharrell's 'Happy' Goes Platinum [VIDEO]
Check out Pharrell's new song that has sold more than a Million Copies. We all can be Happy cause it's Friday and I got your chance to win $50 dollars quick. 5 in 10 can get you $50.
Big shout-out to Pharrell: He also was nominated for an Oscar for "Song of the Year&q…
Check out Artie Lange's Peacock
I was watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Artie Lange was a guest. I happen to notice the placement of the NBC Peacock and wondered if there was a cover up. What do you think?
Toilet Themed Restaurant in L.A.
Have you ever eaten dinner sitting on the crapper?  Here is your chance to experience something that you haven't (HOPEFULLY) experienced before.  It's the Magic Restroom Cafe in L.A. that has its grand opening tomorrow.