New Heights McDonald's
If McDonald's brings back their legendary Mulan Szechuan sauce, you'll be able to dunk your nuggets in it near the Walmart Neighborhood Market on FM 2410.
I'm Lovin It
I guess this is the ultimate Happy Meal at least at an Iowa McDonald's. Where a couple were having a meal when they found what they believe was marijuana in their McDonald's burgers last month. They found pot between the patties of two McDouble cheeseburgers. The couple went back…
Great news out of Micky D's. No, the McRib isn't back; and no, they haven't invented the DNA sequence to form of a giant McNugget. After all these years, they're finally considering selling breakfast after 10:30 AM!
Chicken Nugget Freakout
Not only does this woman take it a little overboard on her temper tantrum when she is unable to get her chicken nuggets at McDonald's because of those pesky breakfast hours.