Another Racist NBA Owner
Today is was reported that Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson will sell the team due to an e-mail that he sent advising how to get more white fans to the games. Did he miss the the memo: Atlanta is known as 'Chocolate City?'
Horrific Paul George Leg Break (Graphic – Don’t Look)
Paul George broke his leg in scrimmage of the US National team last night in Las Vegas. The break was so horrific people are comparing it to the Joe Theismann break. CBS news won't even show the replay. For more on the break, and Paul George's condition, check this out.
Clippers? [POLL]
The Los Angeles Clippers take on the Golden State Warriors at 2:30 p.m. today at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Tension is high because of the statements Clippers owner Donald Sterling made about black people to his mixed raced girlfriend.
Magic Johnson Responds To Donald Sterling Comments
Magic Johnson spoke with Harvey Levin of TMZ and expressed his disgust of the comments that were made by owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling. In the telephone interview with TMZ Johnson explains how it all caught him off guard to hear that Sterling had said these things about him because the t…
'Little Mariachi' Returns Tonight
Sebastien De La Cruz, known as San Antonio’s “Little Mariachi,” did such a fantastic job singing the national anthem on Tuesday night, the San Antonio Spurs have invited him back for an encore before the NBA Finals Game 4 in San Antonio tonight, according …