Killeen's own SparkDawg
Spark aka SparkDawg has been a staple in the underground/mixtape scene since 2005. Born in the country of Panama, he made his way to America when his family was stationed to Ft. Hood/Killeen, TX soon after his birth.
He signed his 1st record deal w/Houston rap legend, Scarface, as a member of the Gre…
Wild n Out With My Fam
Yeah, last weekend the old man hung out all weekend with my fam. Lil Hood, Grip or Die Fam, Sparkdawg, Sparkalot Fam and so many other friends.
Sparkdawg new video Wuz Gucci
SparkDawg, G and Flacko done did it again with "Wuz Gucci." Check out the new video from K-Town's own. Seems like my Dawg Spark has been grindin' for years and it don't stop. Check out this Gansta with another one. Click like if you wanna hear it on the air...