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Summer Fun Water Park Closed Until Further Notice
As if this year couldn't suck anymore, there is more bad news.
Summer Fun Water Park is closing until further notice due to the uptick of COVID-19  Cases.
As a statement on their website reads they join the list of businesses and events that are canceled due to COVID-19 concerns:
As everyone is aware, …
Summer Fun Water Park in Belton Set to Reopen Wednesday
Good news to those ready for a little normalcy in their lives!
With the hot Texas summer about to start, it awakens the high demand for water parks.
Summer Fun Water Park in Belton is ready to meet those demands!
Starting tomorrow, Summer fun will open its doors with a new schedule to allow cleaning th…
Stomp Trey? No Way!
If you've seen me in public, you've noticed that I have a big head.
It's square like Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
I embrace it...
I'm still cute tho...
Moving on, I said that to say this: I know a lot of useless information.
A whol…
We Gone Get You Wet Tho!
All this week from 2-6 pm I have family 4-packs of tickets to SchlitterBahn Water Park!
C'mon, I know you want to slide down The Master Blaster on a hot day!
I sure do!
I also have Family ...