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Jay Z may have joined Justin Timberlake at the Barclays Center last night for one insanely killer performance of 'Holy Grail,' but all eyes were on Taylor Swift and Beyonce, who were appropriately losing their minds singing and dancing together in the audience.

While there are just so many reasons for us (and the entire world) to be obsessed with this, we'll start out with the fact that, um, it's Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Two pop superstars coming together and crushing it like BFFs at their fave act's show? Yeah, we'll take it. And watch it on repeat.

We will also never get over the two of them totally full-on fangirling just like every other member of the audience, even though they're both friends with Justin and Beyonce is obviously married to Jay Z. In that moment, they were just die-hard music fans feelin' the performance, and it was EVERYTHING.

But to really put Taylor and Beyonce's dancing in perspective, you need to check out Justin and Jay Z's performance -- which you can see in the video below. There is not a fan alive who wouldn't be pullin' all the same dance moves as Tay and Bey if they saw this seriously killer rendition of 'Holy Grail' go down. For real.

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