If you are ready to enjoy your golden years with water that never freezes with some of the nicest coastline in North America only a short distance from your front door, and still have some money left over to live it up a little, then Texas is the place for you.

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Even if you retire to the Lone Star State as a loner, most of the costs are very reasonable to live out the best years of your life. However, if you are planning to live it up with your special someone, you will find 10 of the top 20 places to retire in the South according to Go Banking Rates are in Texas.

Texas Now Has Half Of The Best Southern Cities To Retire


The extremely favorable livability score for Texas cities extends well beyond these 10, but if you are on a fixed income, here are 10 great choices to begin your search.

Best Southern Cities To Retire According To Go Banking Rates, Half Are In Texas.

Learn why Go Banking Rates listed 10 cities in the United States top 20 for retiring on Social Security, or in other words, a fixed income in the South.

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What A Joy! These Are The Happiest Cities In The State Of Texas

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10 Most Beautiful Cities In Texas

MoneyInc.com compiled data of the most beautiful cities in Texas.

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