Texas has so many great towns to call home, and also some of the largest cities in the whole United States that rank increasingly well when compared to other cities and towns across the country. Money Mag recently compiled the 50 best places to live in America for 2024, and the top spot for the Lone Star State leaves most of the other 50 flopping big time upon its riverbank.

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What exactly was Money looking for when it compiled the list of best places to live?

  1. How healthy is the job market?
  2. What was the average cost for housing for both buyers and renters?
  3. How many of the residents were living below the poverty line?
  4. What was the overall quality of the public school system?
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Money Mag's New List Says This Texas Town Is The Best

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Finding not just the top spot for the state of Texas, but also ranking as the 4th best in the whole country according to Money is New Braunfels. Additionally, several of the top locations around the states, have been college towns because of their healthy amount of educated inhabitants, common access to research hospitals, and low cost of living that comes from a town with so many student first residents.

Texas top town is surprisingly not a college town, and coincidentally the number one town in the USA, located in our neighbor Arkansas, is also not a college town. Although, Rogers is the next town over from the home of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

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