We've heard of people getting angry over their fast food order being wrong and it can be a frustrating experience, but then there are those who want to elevate this frustration to a level of violence.

A Dallas area Burger King employee was attacked by an unidentified man because he didn't like the milkshake she made for him even after the employee made repeated attempts to make things right.

60-year-old Alejandra Estrada was punched in the face repeatedly for her a 'bad' milkshake.
“He said, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ Oh my God. I tried to close the door, but the door doesn’t [close],” she said.

The man has yet to be identified according to KTVT-TV and Dallas Police have yet to comment on the investigation.

Doing this would deserve a punch in the face. Not making a milkshake to the best of your ability.