Texas Longhorns defensive back Jalen Green was ejected from last Saturday's game for a targeting hit on Kansas State wide receiver Wykeen Gill. Green will also miss the first half of Texas's matchup against Iowa State this weekend.

FOX Sports reports that Green apologized to Gill and Kansas State for a hit that appeared to be malicious. The ball was nowhere near the K-State receiver when Green hit him helmet to helmet.

Kansas State had been running a number of screen plays prior to the hit and Green states he thought that was what was happening and why he took his shot.

“First and foremost, I want to apologize to Wykeen Gill and Kansas State for the hit and targeting penalty that I received during Saturday’s game, I did not try to hurt him, and I would never do that. It’s not how we’re coached or how I play.”

-Jalen Green

After explaining his case he went on to say.

“I realize how it may have looked, and I understand the penalty that was called, I wish it didn’t happen, and I do want everyone to know I was not trying to take a cheap shot.”

I think the best thing to do is give the Sophomore the benefit of the doubt. His apology seems sincere.

All the best for  Wykeen to have a full recovery of a hit that we all wish didn't happen.


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