Now, this is absolutely touching!

Ebony Greenfield, a student at Texas Southern University who is a new mother trying to get her master's degree, didn’t have a babysitter and decided she would try her luck and bring her baby to class.

Dr. Tyrone Dixon her film professor allowed her to take the class and according to Greenfield never made her feel burdened, even held her baby while he lectured.


Dr. Dixon told  KTRK- TV in Houston "I just had to hold that baby and give her an opportunity to take in what we were talking about, what that says to me is that she’s determined and focused and ready to get it by any means necessary. and I feel it is my duty to support that"
Greenfield had already registered for classes when her son was born premature

Isn’t this just great??

Altogether now 1...2...3...Awwwwww

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