The worst coffee in America can be purchased all over Texas, and its consumers seem to be a greater hurry to reach the bathroom than ever stop drinking it. You know that I will always keep it real and offer my genuine take on anything, but as I continue to disclose my personal intricacies, you probably quickly realize there is nothing complex about me; I'm just odd.

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For the most part, I would consider myself a plain Jane human that has almost nothing of note to separate me from anyone else. I like what you like, except for coffee.

Here is where it gets weird though, I do not actually dislike coffee, I just don't drink it almost ever. Coffee actually tastes fine, I generally abstain because I don't want the caffeine hit, and I do not love the taste enough to drink decaf.

Worst Coffee In America Is Now Sold All Over Texas

I actually grew up with bald guy number 1, and can honestly say, they tried more brands of coffee in that video than I have in my entire life. Anyway, since we have safely established that you should not take my word on determining the quality of coffee, let's leave it to science, shall we?

According to this article by 24/7 Wall St., the worst coffee in America is all over Texas store shelves. I do not believe I have ever been in a single store that didn't sell Folgers ground coffee.

Then again, I have also never seen Folgers out of stock, so maybe Texans aren't buying a whole lot of it?

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