The ability to shut out the horrific tragedy in Nice, France has become harder with news of an Austin father and son being involved.

According to the Associated Press, 51-year-old Sean Copeland and his 11-year-old son Brodie were two of the 70+ victims in the Nice, France attack on Bastille Day - which authorities are calling a terror attack.

The State department has reported that two Americans were killed in the rampage, but didn't release any names at that time.

The Copelands, from Lakeway Texas, were on a European vacation that began in Spain. They were celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.

Brodie's baseball club, Hill Country Baseball located just over an hour North of Temple, Texas, posted an announcement on Facebook. Over 4.5 thousand people have already sent their prayers and condolences to those close to the victims.

Please keep anyone affected by yet another world tragedy in your hearts this weekend and tell those close to you how much they mean to you.

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