Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose broke the Internet...together! And Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa are "all positive!" But CTX, do you believe the beef is sincerely squashed?

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

According to TMZ, the ladies secretly met yesterday morning after Kim reached out to Amb and Kanye and Wiz Khalifa also spoke! I just don't trust it. Ye' is good for starting a beef, then apologizing, but still taking sneak shots because he can't control what he says at times. My best guess is this is damage control since Kanye has a new album droppin' in a few and Amber basically KILT him with one tweet! What do you think? Are you buying their truce or do you think it's as fake as Kim and Amb's asses?

Credit: Amber Rose via Instagram

Meanwhile, Wiz says he squashed his beef with Kanye!

Credit: Bootleg Kev via Youtube

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