The Game raised a few eyebrows with his just-released song “Sauce” where he bragged about allegedly having sex with three Kardashians. Well, apparently, the Compton rhymer may have told a fib.

Sources have told TMZ that The Game may have only slept with one Kardashian. The insider said that Kylie, Kendall, Khloe, Kourtney and their mom Kris never had sex with the 36-year-old rapper. However, there’s a possibility that Kim Kardashian, who is now Kanye West’s wife, may have knocked the boots back in the days.

Now, The Game was once rumored to be dating Khloe, but the source maintains it was only platonic. Oddly enough, The Game reportedly asked West for his blessings on the song. Huh?

Either way, the truth will come to light - sooner or later.

In the meantime, you can watch The Game canoodling with a hot chick in his summery video for “All Eyez,” which is from his 1992 album.

Watch The Game's "All Eyez" Video Feat. Jeremih