In a historic and groundbreaking decision, the NCAA voted unanimously Tuesday to allow all college athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness.

In other words, students will now get paid when a consumer purchases a jersey with their name on it, when they are featured in video games, and more.

According to ESPN, students are now allowed to get paid when their name image and likeness are used as long as its "in a manner consistent to the collegiate model".

The NCAA had no other choice to pass this after a California law was passed back in September that allowed students in that state to get paid from their likeness with other states following suit.

Reportedly, with this decision, the three division of college sports are ordered by the NCAA to figure out how to update their rules that maintains a clear distinction between professional and college sports.

With the hundreds of millions of dollars that go to universities from March Madness Basketball and College Football Bowl Games, something had to give.

My suggestion is while they are trying to figure this out, they should also decide how student-athletes are to be compensated for playing for their school because that's coming next!

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