We all know that Young Thug is a little left of center when it comes to his visuals, but his latest artwork has the internet in a tizzy.

Thugger’s cover art for his just-released mixtape, No, My Name is JEFFERY, takes gender fluidity to the max. The Atlanta rapper is wearing a fabulous lavender gown with ruffles and what appears to be an umbrella for a hat.

Of course, once the artwork hit the internet, folks utilized their photoshop skills and memed the cover to an oblivion on social media. Some of the hilarious memes have Thugger being compared to Mary Poppins, the Morton Salt Girl, a fruity drink and a combat warrior in the Street Fighter video game.

Below are 10 of the funniest memes we've seen so far. We also included some information about the gown that Young Thug wore on the cover - it was made by a real designer (Alessandro Trincone). We also added a video of Young Thug explaining what his mixtape cover is about.

Check it out below.