Monday, I decided to start doing themed countdowns, so every day my 4 songs will have a theme to it.


For instance, I featured 4 Drake songs.


Tuesday, I had 4 songs about that sweet Cheebah...


Wednesday, I played 4 Future songs (I thought it was Drought still goes hard)


Yesterday I played 4 Chris Brown songs, and because it was throwback Thursday I took it back with 2 Breezy cuts...wanna hear 'em, here they go:


Going back to '09 featuring T-Pain here's 'Kiss Kiss':



This one came out about 3 years ago but it still freaks:



He dropped this one earlier this year and released different remixes featuring several artists this is the 'Back To Sleep Remix' featuring Usher and Zayn:




And of course for the summer of 16 here's his new one, 'Grass Ain't Greener':



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