A lot of people are sharing this video and I am here to tell you it's false.

We have all seen the footage coming out of Afghanistan the past few days. Many of us have seen the video from Kabul Airport of folks trying to flee the country. You have probably seen the video below of people literally hanging onto a plane as it is trying to takeoff.

Scary stuff the past few days. Now it looks like some folks are trying to troll you online with a video that was shared the other day. Several users have shared the video below claiming this was Kabul Airport opening and everyone was rushing to their planes.

This footage is actually from a 2019 Dallas Cowboys playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. Which I was at by the way, the Cowboys would go to win this game and many people ask the same question when they see this video. Why on Earth are fans rushing into the stadium like this? Don't they have seats?

Technically, these people probably do not have seats. They probably have party pass tickets which are standing room only. These people are probably rushing to one of the tables near the field so they can get the best view in the party pass areas. I personally have done party pass for one game because they were free tickets.

I don't think it's worth it. If you can't see the field and are just watching the game on the big screen. Might as well go home and watch in the comfort of your own big screen. Plus, don't have to rush the stadium in all this craziness just to get a good view.

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