A 'big Italian family' turned a cruise ship into a fight club! Check out the video!

Credit: KXXV

What was described by a passenger as a 'big Italian family' terrorized guests on an Australian Carnival Legend cruise ship! The 23-member family fought with other passengers over three days, according to KXXV! Some passengers locked themselves in their cabins to avoid fighting with the family. Passenger Lisa Bolitho, told reporters that people were "getting strangled and punched up," by the "big Italian family!" She went on to say that the captain didn't handle the situation well, she quoted the captain as saying, "'What do you want me to do about it - throw them overboard?'" Carnival Cruise Line offered the terrorized passengers a 25 percent future cruise credit, but who in their right mind would want to use it (personally, I would need a REFUND, not credit)! Police are investigating.

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