I've mentioned this plenty of times that I am from Chicago.



And I am a pretty routine dude.


Meaning, if I am used to something that's what it is.


I had the same barber for 12 years because I was content with her haircuts. 


I have grandfathered into my plan with AT&T because I am good with their service being a loyal customer since 2008.


"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"


Then I tried Chick-Fil- A when I got to Texas...


Now they have a few locations in Chicago, and I kept hearing how good they were.


But never bothered to go...


Until it happened.


Boss Lady took me to lunch 4 months ago.


And I fell in love!


No...not with Boss Lady lol!


But with that Deluxe Chicken meal with Pepperjack Cheese!




I bit into it and Bliss was met!     


And then I met my match.


She told me to try it with Polynesian sauce.


A.K.A God's juice



In fact let us take a moment of silence.......for this Polynesian!!  

Ok now that we are back please get the Deluxe Meal with Pepper Jack Cheese the next time you are at Chick- Fil- A!

And to make your life complete top it off with that Polynesian!!

Let the church say Amen..