Did you know that there was a bill signed by the Governor that can get your license reinstated?

Especially if it's suspended for not paying your surcharge fees.

Yes, it's true!

FOX4 DALLAS reports that Governor Abbott quietly wiped out the 3-year surcharge fee that burdened millions of people here in Texas, basically, this paves the way for you to get your Texas Driver's License reinstated!

This went into effect on September 1st.

I think a bigger deal should have been made to inform the public seeing as though 1.4 million people are affected by this and, in my opinion, has been a ripoff.

Enough about me though.

People wait in line outside of the State
AFP/Getty Images

Reportedly, more than 1 million Texans' driver's licenses were suspended last year due to them not paying their surcharge fees, that in turn leads to people driving without a license.

This brings an end to the Texas Driver Responsibility Program that went into effect in 2003 that charged a 3-year surcharge fee to drivers convicted on certain traffic violations.

Now those who couldn't/didn't pay those fees, they are now waived!

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