Young Thug might be planning something unconventional for his wedding to fiancée Jerrika Karlae's. The Atlanta rapper recently told Billboard "there will be two brides" in a new interview.

What's not clear from Young Thug's statement is who the second bride will be. The eccentric rapper may be talking about himself as he might be wearing a wedding gown to the ceremony. But Thugger might be saying that another woman will join he and Jerrika in marriage. There's really no predicting what's more likely when it comes to Young Thug.

The rest of the interview gives some insight into Young Thug's fashion choices which have caused quite a stir in the hip-hop community. "When it comes to swag, there's no gender involved," Thugger said of his penchant for wearing clothing traditionally worn by women. He also touched on his now infamous dress worn on the No, My Name is Jeffery project.

"When I seen that dress, I felt like God gave it to me," Thugger said of his outfit.

The conversation also traced Young Thug's stylistic choices back to his childhood. The Georgia native rebelled against the norms as a child and was beaten for it by his father.

"When I was 12, my feet were so small I wore my sisters’ glitter shoes," he said. "My dad would whoop me: ‘You’re not going to school now, you’ll embarrass us!’ But I never gave a fuck what people think."

Young Thug has made it clear that his fashion will not be defined by anyone else's standards. And with the way it gets everyone talking, it's probably a smart move for the rapper.

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