Check out these 5 motorcyle routes here in Texas, based off rider reviews from!

  • The Three Sisters (AKA The Twisted Sisters)- Ranch Roads 335, 336, 337a

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    "The Three Sisters route starts in Medina, TX. From Medina catch RR337 (at this point you are starting on "The Three Sisters") heading west (right). Take RR337 west until you come up on the town of Leakey. At Leakey, go north on US 83 for a just about a mile and look for RR336 on the left. Take a left onto RR336 which will head you north. Continue north on RR336 until you meet Texas 41 and at this point you will want to turn left in order to head west. Go west for 15 miles or so and you will find RR335 on the left. Take a left (east) and get on RR335 and drive south down to Camp Wood where you can take a left on to RR337 and finish out the loop when you hit Leakey again."

  • Riudoso to Alamogordo via Cloudcroft

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    "Take Route 48 east-southeast out of Ruidoso to US 70. Go southwest (right) on US 70 then take a left on to route 244 and head southeast. 244 will swing southwest and you want to take that into Cloudcroft. Then get on US 82 west and take it all the way into Alamogordo."

  • Guadalupe River Road

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    "Begin at the intersection of River Road and FM 2673, Canyon Lake, TX 78133 and end at the intersection of River Road and route 337/SH 46 in New Braunfels, TX 78132."

  • Killeen Twisty Getaway

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    "Start in Killeen, TX (which is just south of Ft. Hood). Take Rt 195 south from Killeen. Turn right at 2670 and follow until it dead ends at 2657. Turn right and then drive about 2 miles and you will turn left at 963(Oakalla). Take 963 through Watson and follow all the way to Burnet. Looking at the map, you will see numerous country roads that branch off this main route that are equally as fun. Enjoy!"

  • Texas 01 Aug 2005 5 Scenery 4 Road Quality 2 Amenities Bend Region - Rio Grande River Road

    Bend Region - Rio Grande River Road

    "Start in Alpine TX and head south on 118 till you get to Study Butte TX where you need to go west on Farm to Market 170 road. Take that to Presidio TX where you need to get on US 67 and head north all the way up to Ft Davis."