Some of my people have been shouting it lately: we are outside!

That is definitely true in the state of Texas, with Governor Abbott lifting the mask mandate not long ago and allowing business to operate at 100% capacity. It's instilled confidence in many Texans who've been cooped up and ready to get back out there and explore our great state.

Today, among a good number of National Days, it is National Wanna Get Away Day.

During the summer travel season, National Wanna Get Away Day celebrates our freedom to travel on June 18th.

The idea is to encourage families to plan memorable trips and getaways to bring out your adventurous side!

Summer can be the best season to spend time with family we long to see, visit historical sites, hit up our beaches, or explore everything a city has to offer. Sun, sand, big cities and the countryside are all appealing to us.

This is a national pastime with deep roots - one that binds us all to the people and places most meaningful to us. It's National Wanna Get Away Day! Celebrate, dream, and plan all the adventures you'll go on this year and every year after!

Here are ways to observe National Wanna Get Away Day:

  • Take a dream vacation.
  • Visit loved ones both near and far.
  • Choose one, two, or three mini-adventures.
  • Explore faraway places.
  • Bring someone with you.

Don't forget to share your past adventures - they'll inspire new ones!

When it comes to budgeting for a trip, consider staying right here in Texas. It's a huge place with plenty of beautiful places to see, and you can save a lot of cash.

I chose to compile my Top Ten Cheapest getaways in our great state of Texas.

If you have been to them all, maybe it is a good time to revisit them since we have been locked down for over a year. Or you can explore a new place you perhaps never considered before. Hopefully, this gallery will spark your interest to wanna getaway this summer.

10 Cheapest Texas Getaways

June 18 was National Wanna Get Away Day, and it got us to thinking of where Texans can get away from it all this summer and have a great time without breaking the bank.

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