I remember in the late 90s when DMX dropped.

In 1998 I was a freshman on the air at Columbia College Chicago's radio station WCRX 88.1 FM.

And I played the remix to LL Cool J's song "4,3,2,1".

That was the first time I heard the deep gravel-toned voice of DMX on a song.

Not knowing he was on several other records before that, it was at that moment when I got turned on to the dog.

From there, in '98 he went on to be the first artist to release two albums with both going multi-platinum in the same year.

He also sold over 15 million records in his career and starred or appeared in several movies including "Belly" and "Romeo Must Die".

But with success and fame, came problems.

He was arrested over 35 times in a span of 30 years, serving jail time for charges ranging from Tax Evasion to Reckless Driving, to Failure to Pay Child Support to Cocaine and Marijuana Possession.

Throughout his life, he also battled drug addiction.

In late 2019, the rapper checked himself into a drug rehabilitation facility.

Despite his troubled past, DMX talent will forever be unmatched.

He will go down in history as one of the most influential rappers of all time, who had a big part in shaping the culture of Hip Hop.

Friday, April 9th, 2021, DMX died, a week after he suffered a heart attack after an apparent drug overdose.

With his shocking death, I have compiled a list of my favorite DMX songs.

12 Classic DMX Songs

Do you like this list?

What would you add or delete?


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