Texas Department of Justice officials are scratching their heads over this one.

$18 million dollars worth of cocaine disguised as bananas. CBS12.com reports that two pallets of bananas showed up at the Scott Unit in Freeport, Texas meant to be a donation.

When a couple of sergeants went to the port to pick them up, a white powder was discovered all over the inside of the boxes.  Authorities found the cocaine underneath the bananas in 45 of the boxes, adding up to about 450 kilos of the illegal substance. The drugs were seized immediately.

Police will add this one to a number of examples of strange ways that criminals try to smuggle drugs around the country. Heroin hidden in a car's axle and crystal meth hidden in re-sealed cans of iced tea are a couple of examples of the strange methods being used to smuggle and conceal drugs in Texas. 


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