Ever since LL Cool J pined for a woman's heart on his classic 1984 song "I Need Love," the rap ballad has become a staple in hip-hop. Since then, the rap ballad has evolved into many rappers exploring different themes when it comes to love and relationships.

Today, rappers are not afraid to show their emotions and admit they need love too. For example, the late Juice Wrld expressed his devotion to a woman despite her many flaws on his emo-rap ballad "Flaws and Sins." "I'm really all in/In love with all your flaws and sins/Your scars are really gorgeous/Ain't that a weird way to give compliments?" he raps.

Other artists detail love from an abstract point of view. On Eminem's track "Never Love Again," the Detroit rapper metaphorically reflects on his past break up with drug addiction. "Still remember when you was mine, yeah/We were inseparable at one time, yeah/You know my love for you was undying, yeah/Used to always have my back," he spits on the song.

Rappers also celebrate love and being in a committed relationship. On The Carters' track "Summer," Jay-Z opens up about his devotion to his superstar wife Beyoncé. "We hugged, made love on the seats/We tried to hide in the hills/We watched the sky turn peach," he raps. Meanwhile, DMX compares his dedication to his ladylove to that of a dog and his owner on "Dog Love." "We gonna make it, rain or shine/My heart is yours and yours is mine," he barks on the tune.

When it comes to love, rappers are not afraid to express their vulnerabilities and emotions in a song. So for Valentine's Day, XXL highlights 20 Times Rappers Admitted They Need Love Too. Check it out below.

See 20 Times Rappers Admitted They Need Love Too

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