The city of Round Rock is getting lots of attention now that the city leaders have approved what could become a $200 million dollar development that many consider comparable to the Domain of Austin, Texas.

The project will feature restaurants, shops, apartments, and office space and will total about one million square feet of commercial and residential space for development. spoke with area residents after word got out about the project and many people felt that Round Rock is the perfect progressive community for such a project. They have seen the positive effect The Domain has had in Austin and hope to see the same success in Round Rock. Will Hampton is a spokesman for the Round Rock city council and he told the media, "It really fits that strategic need that we have to have more class-A office space and some diversified high-end residential housing to go with it."

The only downside folks are talking about is the traffic that is sure to come with such a project. Some wish to focus more on the $1.5 million in tax revenue the project is expected to bring in. The next hurdle is to rezone the area. The Round Rock council will work hand in hand with developers on that project over the next few months.

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