Let August Alsina tell it and he believes most people -- aside from his adoring legion of fans -- are giving him a bad wrap. He’s not the arrogant, conceited, self-indulgent guy that outsiders believe him to be. Quite the contrary, actually. He may not have a filter (we're not talking the Instagram kind), but the 22-year-old R&B singer with the New Orleans accent is transparent. And there’s nothing better than that within the music industry, which is known to be pretty much all smoke and mirrors.

The crooner’s honest and adamant about who he is and how he’s being portrayed. We all saw the clip of the Testimony creator on 106 & Park last year. His heated response to host Keshia Chante ("I just told you all not to ask me that s--- when I got up in here") after she asked about a possible reconciliation with Trey Songz proved when the cameras are rolling, this guy insn't about to hide his true feelings for anyone.

Alsina’s definitely not one to be played with, but even with all of his honesty, there's still more to learn (and love) about the crooner. We searched through many of the interviews he's had since the start of his career to provide you with some interesting tidbits about his life. Check out 25 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About August Alsina.

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    When August turned 21, he hit Vegas like most 20-year-olds. Then he ended up just going to sleep in his room on his birthday.

  • 2

    He "stole" his first girlfriend from another guy at their high school. August says that he and the young lady were in the same class and his persistence eventually paid off.

  • 3

    The first album the singer bought with his own money was by Ohio crooner Lyfe Jennings, which is pretty interesting because he and Jennings have a similar style. They both are known for implementing "the struggle" within their lyrics.

  • 4

    August says that if he regrets anything in life, it's having sex with certain women -- that's his biggest fault.

  • 5

    The ladies love August. Although he may not know exactly how to refer to them, the crooner admits to having sex with some women without getting their names.

  • 6

    August kicked off his career via YouTube, but the day he found people posting videos of themselves singing, it was new to him -- he really just wanted to watch a fight online.

  • 7

    He wanted to sign with Young Money long before Def Jam came calling. The singer says that Birdman is "like an uncle" to him. "I felt like it was the place for me to be. It’s home. These people, I know these type of n----s. I grew up around these type of n----s..."

  • 8

    As of September 2014, August has only had one girlfriend that he’s claimed. "The rest were just side pieces."

  • 9

    Women "going crazy" over him never gets tiring. However, it does take up a lot of his energy. "It gets exhausting, but nah, not tiring because I’m here for them to love me. I want them to love me."

  • 10

    The "No Love" singer has admitted that he prefers not to kiss the girls he's not seriously involved with. "Kissing is way more intimate than having sex..." He's also revealed that he isn't into pleasuring a woman beyond a certain point.

  • 11

    August thinks most of the women who attend his shows are "badder" than those he works alongside in the industry. He told DJ Scream in Atlanta that, specifically, he wouldn't deal with either Rihanna or any one of the Kardashians.

  • 12

    The-Dream cosigned August up at the Def Jam building when he was an A&R -- a move that landed the young singer his deal.

  • 13

    The "Make It Home" crooner says that his hometown of New Orleans is his favorite place to perform and that it was the first city where he jumped into the crowd. Birmingham is an honorable mention because "the girls are all ‘ready.'"

  • 14

    One night, August was dozing off in his hotel room and a young lady that he’d seen earlier had found a way to get back into the room. He believes she stole the key, among other unspecified things.

  • 15

    After hanging out with Jay Z and Beyonce, August hopes to find a girlfriend and develop a relationship like the power couple. "What Jay-Z got? You don’t find that everyday," he says. Maybe he's discovered that in actress Keke Palmer, who he's rumored to be dating currently.

  • 16

    He quit high school in his senior year because he was going through some personal hardships. That was just before he was homeless and sleeping on the floor of his local corner store, where the owners would sometimes feed him gumbo.

  • 17

    Still, even while homeless, the crooner always made sure he had enough money in his pocket to go and buy a clean T-shirt.

  • 18

    When asked who his least favorite person is in the industry, August told Sway’s Universe, "I don’t like anyone on Twitter. Too many fake ass celebrities." Well, than that just about means everyone.

  • 19

    If August had to give up one thing for Lent, it would be weed: "I could do without it but... Why?"

  • 20

    The movie 'Sister Act 2' inspired August to start singing. No one else in his family is gifted musically. The "Downtown" creator says that Lauryn Hill’s singing inspired him, although he swears he wasn’t good at all when he started out.

  • 21

    He believes that he’s the most interesting person he’s met. "You can't really meet yourself but I would say me. I still don’t even know myself like that. You learn as you go. So it’s real interesting to find out who you really are."

  • 22

    The entertainer once showed a picture of his manhood "print" to Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire and Stephanie Santiago on Yee’s "Lip Service" radio show. The ladies agreed that it’s sizable. August blushed.

  • 23

    August’s favorite thing to do on a day off from running from city-to-city and performing is to stay home and hit the sack.

  • 24

    Singing negro spirituals on the spot is what he would do for people before he "made it."

  • 25

    The Def Jam signee has a self-described complex about sneakers. He plans to start buying two pairs at a time -- one to "dog out" and another as backup.

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