Ok for starters, I gotta take it back for my Old Schoolers!

From 1986, Here's Dana Dane with 'NightMares'

From 1991 from the soundtrack to The Addams Family Here's MC Hammer with Addams Groove!

(They Do What They Want to Do Say What They Want to Say the chorus is catchy...)


This has to be one of my favorite Will Smith songs of all time! From the track to the singing to the dance moves with the aliens! When this movie was released I had just graduated from high school and worked at a movie theater that showed this - From the soundtrack to Men In Black from 1997, here's Will Smith:



DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) were actually sued for using this song and footage of the original video is unknown...Maybe Freddie has them........

Here's 'Nightmare On My Street'


And lastly since the movie was about ghosts and Bobby Brown is rapping at the beginning of the song we'll qualify this as Halloween hip hop record too.... (reaching a little huh?) From the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack here's Bobby Brown with "On Our Own":


Today's hip hop artists don't seem to care about Halloween as much!

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