So I've been here since August 15th 2015 after never stepping foot in the state of Texas.

So of course everything about the state of Texas totally mesmerizes me.

I love the fact that a drive to Austin, San Antonio, Dallas or even Houston is not far and not a long drive.

So of course since I am going to be living here I had to do some research on the state, perusing and saw a lot of little known facts (to me of course)


There are so many things I didn't know about the state of Texas I want to share with you, that's if you didn't know them already.

For instance:  ,

1) Did you know that King Ranch in south Texas is bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island?  The whole freaking state!!

2) Back at home in Chicago, I visited Six Flags 'Great America' every summer since I was a kid!

But I had no idea the Six Flags meant the United States, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, France, Spain, and Mexico!

3) On the long drive to Texas from Chicago (especially in Texas) I saw a lot of cows pigs horses and bulls. That made me wonder just how many cattle and calves there are in Texas.

How about 11.7 MILLION!!!! 

4) I thought I was trippin while driving, when I saw the speed limit was 85 MPH. Turns out that is the highest speed limit in the country!!

And lastly,

5) Something I'm not as excited about. The State of Texas has reported more tornadoes than any other US state.


(Again, you Texans may know all about this, but me being a new citizen of the state of Texas this stuff is really cool to me)
Stay tuned as I will inform you more about what I discover about the great state of Texas!